You are warmly welcome to the Department of Languages and General Studies. The Department is home to a lively cast of happy and exciting people working in an environment of peace, inclusiveness and productively. We are dedicated to teaching, learning and research and we drive excellence as we groom our students to understand the true meaning of success beyond the classroom.

Indisputably, language is the hub of any human society, which sustains the wheels of communication and national cohesion; it is indispensable to social interaction and central to service delivery in all sectors of human endeavour, information and communication technology inclusive. It is clear therefore that national development and language are undoubtedly inseparable.



The Department maintains an active creative writing and performance classes for the students. Prominent names such as Dr. Sola Fosudo and others have visited the University to give students firsthand information on play-writing and acting. Our Town and Gown platform regularly hosts prominent writers and performing artists as well as media executives who motivate our students with their experiences and successes in the industry. Professor Ulrike Gut of the University of Muenster, Germany collaborated with some faculty members of our Department in the development of the CIE Corpus of the Nigerian English. Professor I. E. Chiluwa (HOD) is a visiting professor in the Department of English, University of Freiburg, Germany.