Welcome Note from the Head of Department

I sincerely welcome you to the Department of Languages, the hub of humanities at Covenant University. I assure you that this department is an all-inclusive platform that serves as a veritable launchpad for every student and faculty member to think creatively, become informed and critical citizens of the world, and ultimately fully realise their inherent potentials. Our mantra has always been, ‘Yes, we can!’ Have a wonderful time. Sincerely, S.T. Owoeye (PhD)

Meet our Students

Our students are innovative, socio-politically conscious and enterprising. They exude self-confidence and dignity at all levels of interaction and in general conduct; exhibit royal carriage and are open to new ideas. Our student's association, National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies, (NASELS), CU Chapter is a place to belong.

Why Study English?

Communication skills are central to the successful existence of any society or organisation. Poor or inappropriate communication can make or mar any venture, be it financial, political, organisational, etc. Therefore, I invite you to apply for a degree in English, noting that English is a cosmopolitan language that opens global doors in the contemporary world. The English programme is primarily tailored to develop graduates with competence in practical interpersonal and public/mass communication. It does this through the lens of linguistic and literary concepts. Studying English as a core discipline in the university takes you beyond the day to day workings of the language, and ushers you into the nitty-gritty of the intentionality involved in the use of the language. You will be amazed at how much you can do, undo, curate, create or resolve, with the power of language. It is for this reason that a degree in English opens doors to your employability in any sector of the global economy. Many English graduates work in: • The Mass Media (where they are most preferred to graduates from other communication-based disciplines) • Communication/ Telecommunications • Marketing • Advertising • Public Relations • Finance • Writing and Publishing • Content Management (web, portfolio, speeches, etc.) • Consulting • Manufacturing • Education They also work with: • Embassies/High Commissions, or as • Front desk or protocol officers, or as • Police, • Immigrations, • Airlines/Airports • Special Assistants to governments With a degree in English, you have no limitations, your skills are relevant and much sought anywhere and everywhere people use language. I, therefore, invite you to choose English, and get the edge over your peers in the ever-competitive global market.