Welcome Note from HOD

Covenant University is a Royal Academy birthed on the platform of a compelling vision to raise a new generation of leaders, especially for the Continent of Africa. It is indeed the birth place of “kings and queens”. I do believe that the greatest need of the 21st Century is that of Leadership, whereas leadership is not an endowment, it is a commitment to the future that makes a leader.

Meet our Students

Students of Covenant University are expected to exhibit a royal carriage, attitude, habit and character, exuding self-confidence and dignity at all levels of interaction and in general conduct. They are expected to see themselves as persons of worth and value, taking pride in their uniqueness as individuals with a positive mind-set devoid of any trace of inferiority.

Highlights in Department

The English Programme took off in the 2002/2003 academic session in the then Department of Languages and Mass Communication, with the late Professor E. Adegbija as the Head of Department. Mass Communication and French were the other two Programmes in that Department. The Department till date attracts seasoned faculty and more recently, hosts Samuel Olorounto, a senior Fulbright scholar.