The objectives of the English Programme are to:

 i.  expose students to all aspects of English Language and Literature-in-English;

 ii.  assist students to become effective, concise, precise and competent in different

      language skills, and communicate their thoughts, ideas, feelings and messages in

     different situations;

iii. encourage students to develop their total persons, (spirit, mind and body) through

     exposures to different types of communication and literary works;

iv.  give students a good perspective and sensitivity to the socio-cultural context in

      which language is used;

v.   enable students to acquire the knowledge and competence they would require

     should they need to teach the English language, and Literature- in- English;

vi.  expose students to the literary experiences within their own socio-cultural context

      as well as those in other contexts, and to equip them to competently cope with

     the interpersonal challenges they will be confronted with on a day-to- day basis;

vii. keep students abreast of the full range of major literary genres and assist them to

     respond to any literary stimulus; and

viii. impact humanistic values to students by acquainting them with literature as an

       expression of man’s spiritual essence.